Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What is a Bodywrap?

What is a Bodywrap?

*LOSE 6 to 20 inches in 60 minutes. *GUARANTEED!Completely wrapped from neck to calves. Price pro-rated you lose less than six inches * Completely wrapped from neck to calves. Price pro-rated if you lose less than six inches


The Body Wrap done at Health Connections Center is a safe, healthful method for you to slim down, improve body shape, and visibly tighten skin in only 60 minutes.
It involves wrapping the body in soft warm wraps that were soaked in an exclusive mineral solution. The Body Wrap targets the areas where you desire inch loss and contouring. It works great for both men and women! 


Why does it work? Developed in Germany, the Herbal Body Wrap works by actually shrinking fat cells. Health Connections Center uses select herbs and sea vegetation provide nutrients that penetrate cell walls and cause the lipids (fatty materials) inside the cells to be released into the lymphatic system. The fat is then circulated naturally and carried out through the normal elimination process of the body, resulting in natural and permanent fat inch loss(not temporary compression or water loss)
What kind of results can I expect?Health Connection Center guarantees an overall loss of between 6 and 20. If you wear in a pair of fitted jeans, they may fit looser after only one mineral wrap treatment. Clients also report skin firming and feeling rejuvenated. Results are permanent and with 4 application you ensure inch loss provided a normal diet is maintained.
What is in the Body Wrap Solution? 
The solution is composed of 23 herbs, minerals and sea vegetation.
Is the Loss Permanent? 
The exclusive Herbal Body Wrap formula shrinks fat cells PERMANENTLY. The Herbal Body Wrap Program does not use water loss as a method to lose weight/inch loss to look slimmer. You get permanent weight loss provided you do not binge and you do four applications.
Do I absolutely need to do 4 applications? 
No. We guarantee 6-20 inches off your first visit. To ensure permanent results 4 application should be done, one per week. It is not recommended to do them within the same week.
What do I wear while I am wrapped? 
Women & Men wear their undergarments when they are being wrapped. Bring a change of undergarments because what you are wrapped in will be wet.
I want to lose weight and inches quickly. Can I speed up the progress?To speed up results, we highly recommend you do the "Colon Cleansing Program" prior to your first body wrap. One can lose 5-25 lbs. from just Colon Therapy. For years, colon therapy have been used by Hollywood Stars and Royalty to maintain their weight, health and youthful appearance. Their secret is just getting out.
Body Wraps take up to 2 hours and cost $100 or $130 with infrared sauna. Payment must be made in advance. Please do not drink alcohol 3 days after your wrap or eat 2 hours before your appointment. Do not take a hot shower after your wrap and be sure to drink 8 ounces of water each day for the next week.

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