Thursday, February 24, 2011

Psychic Powerhouses at the Mind Body Spirit Expo!

If you want to speak to someone who has passed on, if you are interested in getting a glimpse of your own future, then the Spring Mind Body Spirit Expo at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison, from April 8-10th, presents a unique opportunity. Not only is top international medium Lisa Williams doing a special event on Saturday, April 9th--and not only will there be several psychics/mediums on the expo floor you can engage with--but we have 3 special workshops with top-line psychics.

On Friday, April 8th, Joseph Tittel--Psychic Medium, Author, Reality TV & Radio Personality--will be doing a special "Talking To Heaven" Event. Some of you may remember Joseph from Lifetime Televisions hit series America’s Psychic Challenge and from his current series Real Psychics airing on Comcast On Demands Paranormal TV. Joseph has been tested & now recommended by celebrity medium & best selling author James Van Praagh. For more info on Joseph, visit:

Saturday is Lisa Williams' Day with her "Messages from Beyond" event and reception. For more info on Lisa, visit:

Sunday, April 10th, Michelle Whitedove has a "Messages from the Spirit" workshop, starting at 11am. Crowned “America’s #1 Psychic” by Lifetime TV, Michelle Whitedove works as a spiritual teacher and futurist. Whitedove has always communicated with the “other side.” Not only conversing with departed loved ones, but more importantly: angels, spirit guides and the Universal Consciousness. As a metaphysical teacher Whitedove delivers Messages from the Heavens in clear and honest style. Today she’ll look into the future and give predictions about society, the economy and what Spirit has to say about Indigo Children. During the last hour Whitedove will deliver Audience messages. Please come prepared with your important question. For more info on Michelle, visit:

And later on Sunday, April 10th, starting at 3pm, Michele Livingston will be doing her workshop "Awakening to the World of Spirit". Michele Livingston, M.ED, is a renowned medium, author, columnist, artist and radio talk show host who has been lecturing, counseling and healing for 20 years. Her psychic work is nationally recognized and she has authored 5 books, including The True Nature of Love, Miraculous Encounters and Messages from Beyond. Michele has been a regular guest on numerous TV and radio shows, such as Fox News, ABC News, Comcast, Hay House Radio and is the “People’s Medium” on the #1 morning radio show in Central PA. For more info on Michele, visit:

For more info on the expo itself and for ordering tickets, please go to:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deepak Chopra on

Forthcoming Mind Body Spirit Expo guest speaker Deepak Chopra has an intriguing article in today's CNN--"Science and Spirituality Should be Friends."

Congratulations to Deepak.

And don't forget that Deepak Chopra will be appearing at our expo April 9th for a reception and lecture. The reception tickets are selling fast, so do get in now if you are interested. It may be too late later!

More info and ticket ordering at:

Chopra's Buddha Book on Amazon.

Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Success on Amazon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If you haven't already picked up Doreen's newest book, THE ANGEL THERAPY HANDBOOK, you are missing out on what is certainly one of her best books. It gets into connecting with angels, developing your own powers of mediumship and clairvoyance, how to give angel readings, how to become a spiritual healer, and more! An amazing book available for 32% off at!

Here's the line-up of the contents to seduce you ;-) ....

Introduction : The Beginnings of Angel Therapy

Part I: Connecting with the Angels and Archangels

Chapter One: The Angels
Chapter Two: The Archangels
Chapter Three: Departed Loved Ones and Mediumship

Part II: Angel Therapy Methods

Chapter Four: Talking with Angels
Chapter Five: The Four "Clairs"
Chapter Six: Clairvoyance, or Clear Seeing
Chapter Seven: Clairsentience, or Clear Feeling
Chapter Eight: Claircognizance, or Clear Thinking
Chapter Nine: Clairaudience, or Clear Hearing
Chapter Ten: How to Give an Angel Reading
Chapter Eleven: Oracle Cards and Other Divination Methods
Chapter Twelve: Angel Therapy Healing

Part III: You are a Spiritual Teacher and Healer

Chapter Thirteen: Lightworkers and Your Life Pupose
Chapter Fourteen: Action Steps to Take Right Now
Chapter Fifteen: Putting Yourself Out There
Chapter Sixteen: You are a Professional Speaker
Chapter Seventeen: You are a Spiritual Healer
Chapter Eighteen: Self-Care for Spiritual Teachers and Healers

Afterward: You ARE a Spiritual Teacher and Healer!



Specialties of the Archangels
Halo Colors of the Archangels
Crystal and Gemstones Associated with the Archangels
Astrological Signs Associated with the Archangels

About the Author


Doreen has been writing elements of the book for ten years, and getting everything together for three years! It's an empowering book accessible to everyone and absolutely necessary to be in your personal library!

I just can't wait till we get a chance to see Doreen at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Edison, NJ, at the New Jersey Convention Center. Doreen is appearing Friday, with a reception before her event and a concert with Obsidian afterward!