Tuesday, August 9, 2011

R. Carlos Nakai to Perform at the Fall Mind Body Spirit Expo

A multi-Grammy Award finalist, R. Carlos Nakai has written and performed scores for film and television, including the Discovery Channel and IMAX. He is the recipient of the Governor of Arizona’s Arts Award and has an honorary doctorate from Northern Arizona University for his “exceptional achievements and contributions to humankind.” FEATHER, STONE & LIGHT, a musical trialogy with collaborators William Eaton and Will Clipman, was Billboard’s Critic’s Choice and remained on the Top New Age Album chart for 13 weeks.

Through his original compositions and other musical collaborations, Nakai intends to show the flute’s versatility and capabilities. He views each flute less as a musical instrument than “as a sound sculpture - a piece of art that also creates sound.”

Over the past two decades, Nakai has melded his classical training with his expertise on the cedar flute to form a complex, sophisticated sound that reveals the flute’s uniqueness.

A prolific musician and composer, he has 27 albums in commercial distribution, including 18 releases on the Canyon Records label. Just counting his Canyon titles, R. Carlos Nakai has recently surpassed 2 million units sold worldwide.

When not recording, composing or researching, Nakai tours the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan, performing and lecturing on Native American culture and philosophy. Says Nakai: “We were put on the earth to experience life in its totality. And if you’re not doing that, you’re essentially wasting your time.”

R. Carlos Nakai will be performing at the Mind Body Spirit Expo at Oaks, PA, on Saturday, October 29, 2011 from 6pm to 8pm. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see this legend.

Tickets are already available at: www.mindbodyspiritexpo.com or call 215-627-0102.