Thursday, February 28, 2013

Robert Ohotto at the Mind Body Spirit Expo, March 16

Intuitive counselor and renowned radio show host, Robert Ohotto, will be appearing at the Mind Body Spirit Expo, Saturday, March 16, at 11am.  His talk will be on "Harnessing Your Intuitive Power"....

What is intuition? How can you develop yours to work like a compass of Destiny to best guide you in all areas of your life? What are the major blocks to receiving intuitive guidance? Come join world renowned Intuitive and Author Robert Ohotto for a special speaking engagement and find out the answers to all these powerful questions and more! Discover how to practically develop your intuition and apply it in love, relationships, career, finance, and to healing your life! You’ll learn new strategies to enhance your intuition while exploring why esteem is an essential key in hearing your intuitive guidance. Find out how intuition works as your GPS system of Life Purpose and how to read your own coordinates. You can count on Robert to keep it real, entertaining, and illuminating in this ground-breaking workshop that will leave you attuned to your inner voice like never before.

Robert Ohotto, author of the best-selling book Transforming Fate into Destiny, is a world-renowned radio show host, intuitive counselor/coach, and pioneering presence in the fields of multisensory development and human consciousness. Visit:

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